Building The New Gambia

Lessons From Rwanda

Views from the Smiling Coast of Africa! Photo Credit:  Plasta Inc Production / Hot Ink Media    Muhammed Bka MOeBlac

Views from the Smiling Coast of Africa! Photo Credit: Plasta Inc Production/Hot Ink Media Muhammed Bka MOeBlac



Today, Rwanda is one of Africa’s success story. Rwandans are not only healthier and wealthier than ever before but corruption has curtailed, education is at an all-time high, citizens have access to basic healthcare, and investors are flocking to the country. This progress is a result of the reengagement and active participation of both the diaspora and residents in the activities of the government, and the development of the private sector which have propelled economic reform, growth and stability.

“The hope of a new Gambia is for progress, for growth, for peace, for stability, for security and yes, even love---love and respect amongst all Gambians irrespective of tribe. All of which is attainable given the civic engagement of all generations from most social economic classes in last year’s election. The various home-grown initiatives including the social campaign #GambiaHasDecided have unknowingly established a framework for the way forward reflecting that of Rwanda” states Lucy Fye, Founder of Fyen Consulting Services.

As a key member of the World Bank Rwanda team tasked with managing, guiding, funding and supporting various information and communication technology efforts and private sector economic reform strategies; Lucy understands that rebuilding a fragile state is challenging work. Nonetheless, with the right framework success is inevitable. Below are five short-term recommendations focusing on immediate wins for The Gambian government:

  1. Run the government like a business;
  2. Recruit proven leaders and young professionals in key cabinet and personnel positions;
  3. Rebrand the Gambian story;
  4. Focus on immediate and impactful policy reform wins that build a viable middle class and alleviate poverty; and
  5. Domestic and international revenue streams. 

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